#2 – Getting Pregnant was quite a Feat

I got married at a ripe old age of 37 and was urged by my family to get preggers asap as there was no time to waste. My husband, whom I’ll call “S” for short, was nonchalant about it, as he welcomed a few years of coupledom. I kept reminding him (to the extent that I found myself naggy) that getting pregnant is not as easy as it sounds and boy, was I right! It took us quite a while to get pregnant, one year of trying to be exact. And that’s not without help.

After 12 months of disappointment, we decided to seek help. We went to a fertility doctor (Dr. Y) in Mount E on a good friend’s recommendation. We researched about her and were suitably impressed with her credentials (former President Scholar just to name one). While we were waiting, we saw gold plaques displayed in the clinic that were presented by royalties from our neighbouring countries. Ok, this doctor definitely has some street credit. Call me superficial if you like but that did put my mind further at ease. Of course, the ultra-chic clinic and close to nil waiting time were big pluses as well.

My first impression of Dr. Y was that of an androgynously dressed lady who’s very young-looking for an experienced doctor. On consulting with her, we found her to be a mild-mannered doctor with tremendous bedside manners. You know, that’s critical when it comes to discussing topics as sensitive as fertility.

After some Q&A on our lifestyle, we did some tests to check our fertility status. The result was as expected for our age. As we prefer to conceive naturally, we were advised to time the ovulation and try for a few months. At the same time, I started taking Blackmores folic acid and him, Centrum pills to prep our bodies.

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