#6 – Second Time Lucky  

The good news was that we were lucky enough to conceive again 3 months on. We were extremely careful this time and also totally abided by the superstition of not sharing the news with anyone except immediate family members.

I totally did not touch sashimi, cockles or coke which are my favorites and I vowed to “go for the kill” once I popped. Little did I know that I had to refrain from consuming these as long as I’m breast-feeding. As I think back now, this thought was as silly as that of wanting to go back to my daily yoga the very next day after delivery.

We anticipated with excitement every pre-natal visit, telling Baby L to “comb hair” as it was time to take picture (ultrasound scan 🙂 ). But it was also extremely stressful as the past experience of miscarriage was still hanging over us. We would hold we held our breath and listened out for baby’s heartbeat. And without fail, both of us would heave a sigh of relief once it was detected. This continued at every single pre-natal visit throughout the pregnancy.

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