#7 – Transition to another Obstetrician  

As Dr. Y does not do delivery anymore, she recommended us to her mentor (Dr. C) who is also located at the same hospital. We did some research on her and we were concerned as the negative comments outweigh positive ones. There were comments about her lack of bedside manners and stern attitude. One couple even said that she asked them to sit outside her office to read up on a certain topic before heading back in again. As we wanted to be absolutely comfortable with the obstetrician, so we fixed an appointment to see her.

Dr. C turned out to be “strictly business” doctor who may come across to some as “clinical”. I also witnessed her infamous habit of walking around her office barefoot. Other than that, she is a rather soft-and-well-spoken doctor who obviously “knows her stuff”. The nurses in her office were very polite and kind but I could somehow sense a tinge of fear (or respect) that they have of her.

As I was still a tad wary, I wrote an email to Dr. Y, asking for another recommendation. She replied almost immediately, assuring us that Dr. C is a very experienced obstetrician and that we are in good hands. Call it blind faith, we decided to continue going to Dr. C and on hindsight, we’re glad to say that it’s one of the best decisions that we made.

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