#9 – The Wait…

We opted for the “express” service; the results were made available in 48 hours instead of 3 weeks. But as we were anxious, the wait seemed like forever. I remember Dr. C called me at 8 plus on the second morning rattling some medical terms, which stand for 3 strains of chromosomes. We heaved a huge sigh of relief after learning that the result was ok. She later asked if I’d like to know the gender and I said yes. To be frank, I was a tad disappointed after learning that our baby is of the fairer sex. Call me traditional but S is the eldest son and I feel obliged (or self-inflicted pressure – however you like to call it) to produce a male offspring.

We shared the good news with our families. They were thrilled to know that all was ok. I blame it on the raging hormones for my over-sensitive reaction to the gender of our baby. Now as I think back, I’m just glad that I’ve a healthy baby and a sweetheart too. She’s definitely more endearing and loving. Many of our friends and relatives also commented that she’s one lucky gal who will be inheriting contents of my two walk-in wardrobes. 🙂

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