#14 – Humpty Dumpty with Elephant-like Feet

As a seasoned yoga practitioner, I must say that I have a good sense of balance. But my ever-ballooning size really threw me off-centre literally and I find that I had to get used to my new centre of gravity. I totally felt like a super round humpty dumpty with a huge belly in front of me. Quite a few random strangers even asked if I were carrying twins.

The water retention problem on my feet did not make it any better. My once rather slender ankles slowly lost their definition and became like elephant’s. My feet thickened and my toes were chubby like those of a baby. I could not walk from car park to my apartment in a jiffy like before. In the office, I had to elevate my feet by plonking them on top of used paper cartons – not a very glamorous sight of me, I must say. The only good thing that came out of this was that I could legitimately go shopping and got myself two brand new pairs of shoes as none of my hundred over pairs of shoes fit anymore.

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