#15 – Make Room for Baby L Sale

Did I tell you that I converted two of my three bedrooms into walk-in closets? One of them was for shoes and bags and the other was for my clothes. Now, that meant I had to vacate one of the rooms to make room for Baby L. My husband was pleasantly surprised that I was more than happy to part with my precious possessions for our unborn child. In comparison, I was only willing to give him two-shelf space when he moved into the apartment.

With the help of my beloved family, I organized for a designer sale of pre-loved items three weeks before my due date. Many of my friends came by to support and purchased quite a few items. The proceeds helped to defray some of the hospitalization cost in the end.

With most of the clothes gone, the room was then ready for renovation. My plan was that when I was hospitalized for the delivery of Baby L, my trusted contractor would turn the room around in four days. Needless to say, my family ensured that it was completed without a hitch in my absence.

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