#16 – Prelude to Giving Birth

My estimated due date came and gone and still, there was no sign of Baby L coming to meet us. It’s coming to a week past the due date and I had been working from home for three weeks now. On 28June, four days past due date, I was on a conference call and I told S that there’s little than usual fetal movement that day. Very concerned, he rang the clinic and Dr. C summoned me to the clinic immediately. We rushed to clinic after my call and were reprimanded by Dr. C for waiting till call was done before going to the clinic. I was put on the fetal movement and heartbeat monitor and was given the all clear to go home and rest, as it was just some slight contractions.

We decided to induce labour if there were still no signs of labour two days later. As we took the lift down to our car, I felt a small gush of fluid flowing out. Thank goodness that I was in my black yoga pants and the wetness was not obvious. We quickly returned to the clinic but it was already closed. We bumped into the nurses and they advised us to monitor a little more before admission to hospital. So there we were, packed back home again.

We went to Tiong Bahru market and packed my favourite chwee kueh and Hokkien mee as take-away dinner. When I got into the car, more fluid flowed out. We drove home quickly, had our dinner and I took my shower. There was a show of blood when I passed urine and I quickly informed S about it. On advice of the Dr. C when we contacted the emergency hotline, we took our labour bag and headed straight back to the hospital, this time for admission. Good that it was passed the peak hour jam along Orchard Road and the ride was smooth. There was only one thing on our mind and that was to meet our beloved Baby L.

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