#17 – The Real Deal 

The admission was very smooth and the nurses were already expecting us (Dr. C probably pre-empted them). S helped with the admission forms while the nurses “worked” on me. First, the measurement of dilation, which I found rather intrusive, and then it was the enema that worked like magic. Then came the anaesthetist who was clinical in administering epidural. I felt a very cold flow of medication down my spine, which was not at all comfortable. I tried to negotiate with the medical team on not having too many needles inserted, like those of IV drips, or at least delay it, but I guess I needed to work a lot harder on my negotiation skills. Before I knew it, I was all hooked up. The good thing was that it was not as painful as I had imagined, as I’m one total wooze when it comes to needles and injections.

Dr. C came by at around 11pm and she informed us that the dilation was 1cm. She then used a sharp tool to literally break the water bag. There was even bigger gush of water this time. She then informed that the expected due time will be next morning after getting the drugs to work on further dilation. Then throughout the night, the nurses came by to check on blood pressure, contraction, dilation etc, every hour without fail. Not much rest if you ask me, but that was ok as I could not contain my excitement anyway. At about 5am in the morning, the nurses said that Dr. C. instructed them to lower the dosage of epidural so that I can feel the contraction and know when to push. I retaliated big time to that as I was not mentally prepared to experience any degree of labour pain. Not sure if they eventually reduced it but psychologically, I thought that I felt every bit of the contraction.

At around 20min passed 6am, many nurses came in to prepare the room for delivery. I was then 10cm dilated – all ready for action. One of the nurses wedged me open with her fingers repeatedly as if to exercise the muscles below. It was very uncomfortable and I asked her to stop. She then explained that it was to make it easier for baby to come through the birth canal later. Dr. C came in and started to get me to push. I breathed and pushed on every contraction. It was after 2 hours that she suggested that we use vacuum suction to assist in the delivery. I resisted and wanted to deliver without any help other than the epidural. The nurses continued to push my tummy downwards (annoying but it worked I guess). Dr. C asked S to look at the crowning and S acceded reluctantly. He’s the last person who would want to see the sight of blood. On sensing that I was running out of energy to push the 4kg baby out, Dr. C inserted the vacuum suction cap and told me that within 4 pushes, Baby L will be out. I heaved a sigh of relief when Baby L was finally out on second push. Now I know why they call it LABOUR.

S said that there’s a lot of blood loss post delivery. I was all too concerned about Baby L and I instructed him the quickly check on her after cutting the umbilical cord. Baby L cried really loudly and before I knew it, the nurses placed her on my chest skin-to-skin contact. It was really an amazing feeling that a newborn actually instinctively knew how to suckle. I was deadbeat by then and the last thing I can think of was to take picture. Dr. C had to remind S to quickly snap a few shots of Baby L and I…while she delivered the placenta (nope, I did not opt to take my own placenta as S thinks it’s kind of like cannibalism) and sewed me up nicely. The strange thing was that I did not feel any pain at all during episiotomy. On the contrary, I felt quite a bit of tugging from the stitch up post delivery that Dr. C had to inject me with more anesthesias to numb the sensation. I looked down on my tummy and all I could see was my wrinkly brown skin, which darkened a great deal post delivery. But thank god that everything went well and I was wheeled back to my suite shortly after, with Baby L plonked on my right side. I just told S that I did not wish to receive any guests that day as I was really exhausted. But just as we got out of the lift, I saw my sister and her family standing there, excited to see us (Baby L) of course. It was an exciting and eventful night that would remain in my memory, forever.

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