#18 – No one told me that the recovery was that tough…

I dared not move much due to the stitches. Each time I shifted my body (even upper body), I had a lot of lochia discharge. My lower abdominal was aching as though I just did a thousand crunches. My tummy was literally wobbly like jello. I made a mess in the rest room (think bloody crime scene) and had to request the cleaner to freshen it up. I struggled with fixing two maternity pads securely when neither of them had any adhesive tape. I also had to apply antiseptic lotion after washing up thoroughly each time I relieved myself. The good thing was that things got better by the day and when I was ready to be discharged. I was, however, longing to stay longer as the confinement meal at the hospital was super sumptuous! It was also great that the nurses were friendly and took good care of Baby L.

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