#21 – Jamu Jamu

I must say that the Jamu massage is one of the best investments. I booked this lady (Lady F) during second trimester. As I opted for natural birth, I could not confirm the actual day and time until Baby L was born. She came on Day 7 post delivery and she said that I started too late. It is best to start on Day 4 for maximum effect. As I was not sure how my body would take to it, I booked only one cycle of 7 sessions.

When she first laid her hands on my most exhausted body, I could feel my body melt away bit by bit. You see, I have not had a massage since I was pregnant, not even the pre-natal ones. So when an experienced pair of hands massaged me, my entire body felt “levitated”. Now that was until she worked on my breasts. Oh my god! The amount of strength that this petite-sized lady has was simply astonishing. I felt as though my breasts were bursting and my milk was literally squirting all over the place! I knew better at her next visit…since I had no problem with engorgement, I expressed my milk before massage. Then came the tummy massage, which I could not and should not avoid. My lower abdomen, i.e. uterus, was twisted and pushed up many times during the massage and the discomfort was 10 on the scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the most unbearable). Next came the cloth wrap. Lady F skillfully used a long piece of cloth to bind me multiple times and secured it by knotting it after each round. Her masterpiece made me look like Wonderwoman (pushed up boobs and tiny waist) after the bind. I was speechless! All my flab was gone! The trick was to keep the bind on for the entire day and remove it only for shower the following day, before my next massage.

After a few sessions, she bound tighter and tighter. I felt really uncomfortable after one of the sessions, as it was too tight for me to even sit for more than five minutes. I had to remove it immediately. I could not even pee and when I eventually did, I had blood in my urine. I called my obstetrician and did some culture testing to confirm that it was urinary tract infection. Thankfully, it cleared after two rounds of antibiotics.

As Lady F had to prepare for Hari Raya, she could not continue another cycle of seven sessions. I booked another lady (Lady R) and she came prepared with massage bed and all. Lady R’s massage skills were even better than Lady F’s but her bind technique was a far cry from Lady F’s. She used only elastic bind that was not half as effective. Nonetheless, I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight after first month with just a bit more fats to get rid of. I think I can burn those fats away with yoga but I’ll wait till I’m ready for it, i.e. when the bone aches in my fingers recover.

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