#22 – Are you serious? Pre-school no more space?

When I had a bit more free time and also felt a tad better during the second month, I made a few enquiry calls to some popular infant care and pre-schools and to my astonishment, they were all full! One of them even told me not to bother to place Baby L on waitlist as even that was full until three years later. You see, despite what our government attempts to do, seats in good pre-schools are all taken…and we are not even talking about primary school. When I went on one of the school tours, there were pregnant mothers-to-be eager to book a seat for the unborn child. I felt totally lagging behind these kiasu mums.

In the end, we booked Baby L into this pre-school, which has Christian influence. What I liked best was the rustic feel due to the generous ample open space designed for outdoor activities. Despite the fact that the school has to vacate the vicinity after Baby L’s first year in pre-school, we put her name down. No wonder there was vacancy for Baby L at the pre-school…

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