#23 – Woozy Dad

It’s time for Baby L’s pediatrician visit (Dr. Si) for her first jab at two-month point. S warned me before hand that he would not bear to see Baby L getting pricked by the needle. Basically, I have to be the gung ho one holding Baby L down when the action happens. Poor Baby L went to the doc without suspecting anything and after the general check up, she was administered two jabs; one on each thigh. After the first jab, she did not cry immediately. Strange as it seemed, it took a while before the pain registered and she started crying only a few seconds later. Dr. Si warned us that the second jab would be more painful. As we braced for the jab, Baby L stopped crying only to start again after the needle pricked her. Poor girl… it’s the first time that we saw such big tear drops. And yes, S took over from me to comfort her only after all jabs were over. We can safely say that Dr. Si was certainly not Baby L’s favorite person.

As it was a private clinic at Paragon, the bill for both jabs came up to be more than $500! S later found out from his friends that infants could go to Polyclinic for the same jabs, without waiting, for a fraction of the price. He tried really hard to convince me but what can I say, I’m a tough nut to crack. I was just not convinced that the support system would be there for us should we need emergency assistance.

True enough, Baby L came down with fever after the jab and we brought her back to Dr. Si. She seemed to recall the place cos as soon as we got out of the car park, grouchiness was written all over her face. And when we went to his clinic, she started crying as if she could remember what happened on the day of the jab. It was good that after sponging her and giving her medicine, which she did not like too much, her fever subsided. Lesson learned was to spread the jabs over two months instead of overdosing the poor baby with so much trauma and “viruses” at one go.

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