#26 – Dog Issue

Just when would it be safe enough to introduce Baby L to Clover which is the dog in my parents-in-law’s house? Well, to me, who was attacked by an animal when I was young, it would never be safe enough. No matter how “tame” they are, you’d never know when they would act up. And when they did, it would be too late. Of course, this was not something that was easily comprehensible by dog-lovers, so we came to a common understanding (and compromise) that we would wait for Baby L to be 6 months old before “the” formal introduction. And that was not without the list of do’s and don’ts; for example keep dog in kitchen when Baby L was around, keep sofa free of dog hair and sanitize before Baby L goes on it etc. Some might say that I was over-reacting but I’d rather be safe than sorry. Anyway, babies’ respiratory system is not fully developed until much later so I’d rather not expose her to too much “foreign bodies” like dog hair.

Six months flew by so quickly and it was time to bring Baby L over. I was so tense that I had nightmare about it just before the visit. It was comforting that the introduction was smooth with S’s sister carrying Clover and S carrying Baby L. My role was to “jaga” in case anything went wrong. Surprising, Clover did not bark at Baby L. So much of it for now, hopefully the next visit will be just as “incident-less”.


One comment

  1. PoshPedlar · March 2, 2015

    Tricky, just never leave alone!


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