#30 – Constipation Blues 

As Baby L got accustomed to eating solids, she seemed to have trouble passing motion. About a month after she started on solids, she suffered from a bout of constipation as she went without poo for a good four days. Baby L was sobbing badly until her entire body was trembling. We brought her to A&E at KK (children/women hospital) as we thought it would be best equipped to handle such seemingly small issue. I agreed to go KK instead of Mt E as I thought that there would not be much of a crowd since it was the third day of CNY. On consulting Baby L’s pd, Dr. Si over the emergency line, he advised us to go KK since he could not be at Mt E any time soon.

I was so wrong. After the triage consultation, I was made to register Baby L and then asked to head straight to the waiting area. The waiting room was large and it was packed with crying children and their parents! It was definitely not conducive for Baby L who was already in so much discomfort. S carried her outside while I waited for her number to be called. After about 30 minutes, our number was called and the doctor requested her nurse to insert a suppository into Baby L’s rectum. By this time, Baby L was already in distress the moment we place her on the bed. We were then told to wait outside for the suppository to work.

Soon after, when I peeped into her diapers, I saw that Baby L has actually squeezed the suppository out and it had to be re-inserted! Not a good sign at all. Once again, we placed Baby L on the bed and this time, she exerted with all her might and managed to force out some little pellets of hard stool. There were traces of blood as a result of the anal tear, which made her even more conscious of the pain when the stool was stuck. What a vicious cycle! Doctor on duty prescribed some medication to ease the redness around the anus and also some ointment to help with the recovery of the minor tear. The entire experience took us about two hours which was all right as I was told that the wait alone could be two hours!

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