#31 – Making Adjustments

S has decided not to drive to work in order to save some penny. Considering that they charge an arm and a leg for parking lot in CBD area, it’s an understandable decision.

So there goes, I was so not looking forward to returning to work next week cos I had to wake up even earlier to take the public transport. And yes, that’s considering the fact that I was already waking up to express at 3am! Sigh, do we call this penny wise pound foolish?

This lack of sleep was getting to me. At least when I’m on leave, I can sleep in a little. Can do that no more from next week onwards…Oh dear, just remembered that I had also to squeeze with peak hour crowd with my Medela bags! And walk all the way to office in my Jimmys. My poor shoes…Argh!

I need to focus my mind on the savings that we have.. FOCUS. FOCUS. FOCUS. 🙂


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