#32 – Losing Job For Real?

Just as I was basking in bliss, I was informed after I returned to work from last installment of maternity leave that my “still considered new” job had been “restructured away” after business integration and I needed to look for another role internally. The first thing that came to my mind was the fact I might not be able to provide for Baby L anymore. This thought actually surprised me as it was a departure from how I would think in the past which would be all about me, about whether I can still afford to shop like there’s no tomorrow. Much that this news triggered much anxiety; I was pleased that parenthood brought out the selflessness in me.

After more than 4 months of uncertainty, disappointment and anguish, the wait was finally over. I was given another internal role, which I decided to take on for the time being. I knew at least I did not have to worry about providing for Baby L, well, at least for now. More importantly, the entire episode was a wake up call for me as I realized that the possibility of losing a senior level job when one reaches 40s or 50s was very real. I would need to create an additional stream of income so that it would not become as daunting, should it happen again.

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