#38 – OCD

I sent some pix of L playing in the nearby playground to my family and my sister asked me if I sanitized the entire playground. You see, I’m quite a cleanliness freak especially since L caught virus from play gym before. But I’m grown to be more relaxed about it as L is much bigger now. But there’s this boy who’s slightly older than L and has mucous coming out of his nostrils. He was active and came running very near her. So I thought that as long as there’s no contact, I would not interfere. But when he vigorously rocked the rocky elephant that L was sitting in and in the course of it touched L’s hands, I had to put a stop to it. I sternly told him to stop it as the quick movement was hurting L. Good that his father came along to stop him as well. I promptly took L away to another playground with fewer children. But just as I looked away, L put her finger in her mouth. Fortunately, she was ok after the incident.

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