#45 – Challenging HK Trip

L used to be very well-behaved during flights but on this recent HK trip (she’s around 18 months old), she was a little out of control. She was fidgety and refused to sleep. Even the Elmo channel on TV didn’t work its magic. Both S and I took turns to look after her and after the flight; we were both dead-beat.

Not sure what the reason was but S and I argued everyday during this extended HK trip. From stopping me to take my handbag out, to the best way to warm up L’s food – we have our differences and we were sure to let each other (and the rest of the family members) heard. Our tolerance for each other reached pit bottom. The saving grace was that we made up rather quickly. But the constant squabbles really dampened our spirits quite a bit.

Overly doting grandparents can also be a source of argument. Let’s face it; our grandparents have a different approach to bringing up kids. My FIL dotes on L and tends to buy whatever that L fancies. Like on this trip, we deliberately did not bring the stroller, as HK streets are not exactly stroller-friendly. We brought the front carrier instead so that it’s easier to be on the go quickly. Then FIL felt it’s not good for L as she’ll walk with her legs wide apart in future since L’s legs are spread one side each when she’s seated in the carrier. He even corrected the way we carried L cos of the same reason. When his arms got tired of carrying L, he bought a light-weight stroller in HK. We had to lift the stroller when going on escalator or keep looking for lifts so that it’s easier for the stroller. I refrained from saying anything out of respect.

And my MIL is very fond of checking if L is feeling hot or cold or if she’s has enough to eat or eating too much. Those comments made us feel as if we were always doing something wrong. Oh well, I always remind myself that they mean well. They really do, it may just be that their way of expression is different. And as S says, his parents are only there to play with L and dote on her. As for looking after her per se (e.g. during the flight when she’s ultra cranky), they’ve done their dues and it’s totally our responsibility now.

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