#47 – Another Driving Breakthrough

You see, I admit that I’m a lousy driver. I got my license (although at first attempt) close to 20 years ago. I did not enjoy driving very much and therefore did not drive after passing the driving test. The only push factor for me to start driving again was L. So during my maternity leave, I took refresher class again to regain my confidence in driving. Although I’ve been driving since, it’s mostly to frequently visited places on well-practised routes.

Today, I was supposed to drive to Hyatt for our date night. It’s a place that I have not driven to before although I know the route pretty well. To make me even more nervous, it started raining cats and dogs. I said a quick prayer before I drove and thank god I made it there safely, and parked easily too as there were ample parking lots. Erm yes, my parking skills need some honing too and it’s safer for me to park where there are no cars next to the empty lot so as not to endanger neighbouring cars. 🙂

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