#48 – Child’s Play


What would you do if your child were pushed in class? It happened to me today. I saw it happening right in front of my eyes! This female classmate of L pushed her once on her shoulder. I held back and then a few seconds later, she pushed her on her head. My protective instinct kicked in immediately! I couldn’t hold back any longer and I told her firmly to stop doing it at once. You see, I have one of those scary faces that will scare off anyone especially when I am not smiling. So, that girl backed off. The helper who was with her did nothing, of course. And the teachers were busy with their program sequence and I don’t think they noticed it at all. I was fuming mad inside me but I continued to monitor this girl’s attitude towards L. Needless to say, I shared it with my family and my sister who is in early education industry and she said that I belong to the category of parents whom she’ll request to stay out of the centre. :p

And, a couple of lessons later, L and the kid who pushed her previously started playing together as if nothing had happened. I was watchful though, in case L gets smacked or pushed again. At times, I really think that we should learn from kids. There’s no grudge, no animosity, no ill intention. They are so free-spirited and live their day happily. Their short-term memory also makes this easy.


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