#50 – My Friends remark that I’m a Super Mother

L and I have settled into our new SAHM routine. We’ll either play at the playground downstairs or go for her Chinese play class in the morning. Then I’ll send her home for her lunch-time nap while I squeeze in a couple of hours of yoga. When I get back, she would have woken up from her nap and had her lunch. I’ll then bring her to play gym or her Por Por’s house for some play-time. And over the weekend, we’ll pack in visits to the zoo or gardens and night time slots are saved for dinner with our families. I really enjoy packing the day with activities that enrich her in some way or another. At times when I’m out with my friends for more than a few hours, I would feel that I’m sacrificing precious time with L. Am I being obsessed? Perhaps but this is how I feel right now. Spending time with L is the primary reason of me staying at home instead of working. I believe that providing her with adequate exposure allows her to learn through experience. It can get tiring for me but I know it’s all worth it eventually. I guess that’s why my friends remark that I’m a super mum. 🙂

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