#51 – Bad Things Come in Pairs too

L has been moving around really fast recently. She reached for the door handle and dashed out of my room and into the kitchen. Although I ran after her quickly, I was not fast enough to stop her from slipping on the wet kitchen floor and falling on the back of her head. The thud was really loud, followed by her incessant cry. My heart ached badly and I kept blaming myself for not looking after her well enough. I made sure that I monitored her for another two hours before letting her fall asleep. By then, it was way past her bedtime.

When morning came, all was fine. And I was deadbeat cos of waking up at night constantly to check on L, hoping that the concussion did not affect her. I was just glad that L was fine and behaving normally. Just hours later, I noticed that L felt warm. After taking her temperature, it’s confirmed that she’s running a temperature. I quickly sponged her hoping to bring her temperature down. But as noon approaches, her temperature shot up to 39.7 degrees C. S and I brought her to her pediatrician immediately and he prescribed antibiotics for her sore throat and more medicine to bring down her temperature.

The couple of days after were even more sleep-deprived (for me). L could not sleep well and she got cranky very easily. She usually does not take well to oral medication. It worsened when we laced her food with medication. She’s sensitive to the change in taste and did not want to consume food at all, not even with her favourite Elmo video playing in front of her. It got to the point that she refused formula milk and water and we got really worried as she was getting dehydrated. I took her temperature again when she cried uncontrollably. It went up to 40 Degrees C this time. We brought her to the paediatrician again when she did not seem to recover. Instead of sore throat, this time he saw ulcers in her throat. Oh my poor baby, no wonder she could not swallow any food.

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