#52 – Wo Ai Ni

With constant coaching and reinforcement at home since a month ago when she started attended Chinese playgroup, L has been able to say “Wo Ai Ni” which means “I love you” in Mandarin. However, whenever the teachers coax her to say it in class, she’d always shy away. Today is the first time that she said it loud and clear which triggered a loud applause from the teachers as well as other parents. You see, L (being the youngest in class) was one of the toddlers who can’t really say the words. What a breakthrough today!

And then when I brought her to my mum’s place in the afternoon, she uttered her first Cantonese words too. I quickly recorded it and now it’s in my safe-keep. I’m so pleased with L (and myself). It makes my staying home and coaching her all worthwhile.


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