#54 – Throwing Tantrums

Today, L refused to leave the shop after I was done with shopping. She was so engrossed in playing with candy tins and simply refused to move her legs even for an inch. After coaxing her for a few minutes, she still did not budge. I tried lifting her and carrying her out of the shop but I could sense that she was about to let out her famous shriek. I quickly put her back down again. Then I tried another tactic, which was to ask her to say goodbye to the cashier who was politely entertaining her. That worked, thank goodness! We finally managed to leave the shop peacefully.

And when we got to the car, I carried her into her car seat as usual. She twisted her way out of my grip and sat herself onto the passenger seat. Despite multiple coaxing, she did not move at all. As I was on my own, I knew that I had to get her back onto her car seat before driving back. I went to the other side of the car and tried to carry her out. The amount of strength this little one has is really amazing. I was not able to carry her out safely short of dragging her out. I had to resort to enticing her with her favourite Elmo video before she willingly went back to her car seat. I think this is the start of the terrible twos.

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