#56 – Shichida

I signed L up for Shichida as it was renowned for babies’ brain development. L was already 21 months by the time she attended the first class so it’s considered late since parents send their babies to such classes as early as 6 months! Some even start Shichida before the baby was born! I personally think that’s taking it a tad too far but nonetheless, it’s an admirable feat for the care provider as it takes a lot of effort to do it consistently, especially the home practice bit.

I’m not sure about L but I was totally swarmed by the fast pace and the contents of the first class. There were six students accompanied by their caregiver in the class with one teacher. Besides flash cards, there were other activities to train their senses, imaging, memory link, eye training etc. I don’t even know if L understood the instructions, much less carrying out the task.

Second class was a bit better; at least I could follow the instructions. Lol! I think L also was less reserved and did better in terms of colour and shapes matching. 🙂

As the classroom is small, if any kid is not cooperative and get fussy, the environment then gets less conducive for the rest to concentrate during class. But that’s difficult to control so it’s best to bring the kid outside the classroom and wait until he/she is calm before re-entering the classroom. I’ve been lucky cos L has been a very good and adaptable thus far. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this continues. 🙂

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