#57 – Reminiscing Father

From time to time, I will think about my father. Vivid images of the last phase of his life kept flooding my mind especially when I’m not bogged down by the hectic daily activities of L. I also think about how he’d play with L. I think he’d be very taken by her. She’s such an adorable baby that even strangers find her endearing and cute. She’s responsive and highly-interactive to play and I’m pretty sure that that will draw father to her. She would surely chuckle loudly at the funny faces that father would make.

Sigh…I can only imagine cos he’s no longer with us. Where is he now? Is he doing ok? Does he miss us? Did he visit us? Did he come by to visit L, whom he did not get a chance to meet, when we are sound asleep? I don’t have answers to these questions. But one thing I know for sure is that he would love L as deeply as he did for the rest of his grandchildren.


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