#67 – Ear Infection Again?

I still can’t pinpoint as to how L can get ear infection twice in two months consecutively. Coincidentally, both times happened shortly after swimming. Doctor said that maybe the case or may also be drinking milk while lying down. For the latter I reminded my domestic help many times and she said she let her drink milk at 45 deg angle.

It’s very tiring for me when L is down with fever. She gets cranky and doesn’t want to eat or drink much. Her routine also gets disrupted and she doesn’t sleep well at all. Needless to say, her chubbiness is gone in no time. We resorted to letting her sleep with us on the same bed as we want to look after her ourselves instead of relying on domestic helper.

Also, we have to take her off all her enrichment classes, some of which do not offer any make up class. Oh well, I suppose it’s better this way than to risk infecting the rest of the kids and also for her to get well faster.

Now that she’s getting better, we have to think of ways to wean her off sharing bed with us. It’s also time to feed her more food to beef her up again. I think I need to visit my favourite masseuse to get my massage fix after the exhausting two months. 🙂

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