#68 – Second Time Lucky

My period is 5 days late!

I thought it was about time of the month and I thought that I’d better be sure, so I checked my diary and started counting. I’m actually 5 days late! I thought to myself that it’s not so easy to get pregnant as we’ve been trying for over a year. Nonetheless, I decided to pick up the home pregnancy kit after my yoga class the next day. When I finally did the test on Tue evening, I was pleasantly surprised! I quickly took a snapshot of the stick and sent it to S since he will be home late that day. After my shower, there was still no response to my message, so I decided to call him. As it turned out, he did not have time to look at the message. When I told him the good news over the phone, I could sense an element of surprise on the phone. I take it that it’s a delightful one. 🙂

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