#69 – Incessant Worry

I called Dr. C to arrange for a consultation to confirm the pregnancy. Before the visit, many thoughts flooded my mind. I did four classes of high intensity core yoga classes without knowing that I’m pregnant. I ate a lot of nonsense too. Oh no, will these affect the baby? The more I thought about it, the more petrified I became.

The visit was good. Dr. C informed us that the embryo was well-embedded. Next visit will be in Week 7. The wait was once again torturous. I am extremely careful about what to eat, how I sit and walk, how to keep a safe distance from L during play. I’m constantly worried about whether the baby is developing well and if the heartbeat is ok. I’m also mindful of the fact that I need to maintain a positive mindset and stay cheerful. However, the nauseous feeling and fatigue have been plaguing me and I struggle to keep my chin up.

I am grateful for this pregnancy and I absolutely believe that it’s God’s blessing to have this second child.

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