#70 – What an Eventful Night

I had a simple dinner at home. My helper prepared steam fish, vegetables and rice. As my appetite was only so so, it took me a long time to finish the food. L always wants to sit on me when I eat which slows me down further. As I was finishing up my dinner, I felt a warm stream of pee wetting my shorts. Yikes, L just pee-ed on me. She’s being potty trained now so no diapers when she’s at home. I quickly cleaned her up as my helper was in the shower. She wanted to use the toilet and I had to hold onto her while she did her business.

Subsequently, when I was brushing my teeth, I puked uncontrollably into the toilet bowl and L’s pee mixed with toilet bowl water (nope, I hadn’t flushed yet) splashed onto my face. Double yikes! When I spat the final bit of vomitus, my phlegm was bloody. I guess that’s cos of puking too forcefully. When I checked myself in the mirror, capillaries around my eye area burst from puking too hard.

I rested in bed thereafter but had to wait up for S to return from late dinner. By the time he came home, it was already 10ish and he continued watching videos on his ipad with the lights turned on. It was around 1am when I finally managed to fall asleep. What a night!

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