#71 – I Can’t Wait for First Trimester to be OVER

I feel wasted everyday. I’m feeling nauseous, fatigue and I have poor appetite all the time. It’s the same feeling day after day. I have no appetite for anything and my nausea made it worse. But I get hungry and yet I can’t think of eating anything. When I manage to get something down my throat, I’ll feel bloated and “pukey” immediately. This goes on daily. I’m really counting down to 3 more weeks before first trimester is over. Dr. C assures me that it’ll get better and I certainly hope so.

I can’t do much with L at all as my energy is low. Even after a nap, I still feel tired. All I can do is to read to her and to play “sit down” games. I refrain from carrying her and going to the playground is out of the question. Poor L… I really hope that I will bounce back to my usual self very soon.

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