#72 – End of First Trimester


I’m a planner by nature. Just to ensure that I get my choice of confinement lady and jamu massage lady, I have already called to book them in advance. I just feel so at ease when everything is planned and nothing is left to chance. But I’m also conscious of the fact that not everything can be planned and will have to leave it to God.

This week is the turning point. I’m beginning to feel better in terms of energy level and appetite. At the very least, I managed to go to 3 mega sales within 2 days…hahaha! As my appetite is improving, I tried to ask my helper to prepare some dinner for me. But half an hour after dinner, I dashed straight to the loo and puked everything out. I’m not sure why but it’s just my helper’s cooking that made me nauseous. So now, I’ve resorted to going back to my mum’s house for dinner every night.


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