#73 – Harmony Test


We decided to go for the Harmony test instead of amniocentesis this time. Thinking that it’s only blood test (unlike the previous time whereby I had the needle stuck into my abdomen for the longest time), my mind was put at ease immediately. Little did I know that they actually took 6 tubes of blood! I nearly fainted… It was rather painful if you ask me. But alas, it’s over. Now we just have to wait 10 days for the results since the blood samples will be sent overseas for testing.

When the clinic nurse called me 9 days later at 8 plus in the morning, I received the news on my own. My heart was thumping mad and I’m just so relieved that all results are good. And the good news is also that, I’m expecting a boy this time! Woohoo!

Actually I’ve a feeling that it’s a boy this time since the symptoms are all different. My family and close friends think so too. Now we need to decide on the shortlisted names. Not sure why but we simply can’t decide on one English and one Chinese name. Looks like it’s much easier for girl’s names. 🙂

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