#75 – Falling Sick

We went for our annual retreat at Capella Singapore to celebrate our wedding anniversary. I was a bit nervous cos L seems to fall sick every time she stays away from home. True enough, on the last day of our stay, she threw up at breakfast. S brought her back to the villa for change of clothes. All our plans prior to late check out need to be cancelled. We brought her to her pd immediately and got some hydrating liquid for her. After monitoring her for a few days, we are just glad that she’s fine. The vomiting was probably due to lying down to sleep immediately after drinking some considerable amounts of water.

A week later, we went with my in-laws for our annual Hong Kong trip and I was looking forward to it since it’s been four months since I travelled. I have to keep telling myself to take it easy since I was in my fifth month of pregnancy and I had to look after L as well even though I brought my helper along on the trip. The trip went fine and S joined us the day after cos of his work. I managed to squeeze in a bit of shopping which never fails to make me temporarily happy.

On the flight back, L was super cranky and fussy cos she missed her nap-time. I was entertaining her throughout the 4-hour flight and was deadbeat by the time we arrived in Singapore. Once again, the day after our arrival, she fell ill. This time, she probably caught the virus from my MIL who was feeling under the weather during the trip. We finally nursed her back to health before nursery starts but S and I fell ill one after another thereafter. L caught it from us again as soon as I got a tad better. And the cycle went one more round as if it’s a merry-go-round. Sigh…

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