#77 – Baby A

Yes, we finally decided on his English and Chinese names and we are happy to share that with L so that she can start “talking” to him using his name too.

For this second pregnancy, much that I try not to eat so much, so as not to repeat having to deliver a sumo-sized baby again, my obstetrician warned me about my weight gain and by looking at Baby A’s weight trajectory, he is certainly not far from following L’s tiny foot steps.

S has been asking me about Baby A’s personality and I can’t really put my finger on it. He seems to be quieter than L and his movements are not as much too. It may just be the fact that we have L with us now so there’s inevitably not so much time to pay special attention on Baby A as we had on L. No wonder they say first born is lucky cos they get all the love and attention.


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