#79 – Introducing the Concept of Having a Sibling to L

We started bringing L to pre-natal visits, easing her into the fact that there will soon be another little human being in the house, apart from herself. On her first visit, she was her sweet usual self (sweetheart sweetie pops); constantly checking on me to see if I were ok when I disappeared behind the curtain, getting ready to be examined by Dr C. Even though she was by my side looking on, she was also worried about me as I was lying on the bed.

Dr. C who’s usually a no-nonsense type of doctor is also drawn to her, offering her biscuits and assuring her that Mama is fine. She explained in kids’ terms what she’s doing and let her listen to Baby A’s heartbeat which she found very amusing.

I think these constant reminders and assurance by us help a great deal as more often than not, L will “play” with Baby A, offering imaginary toys to him. It’s a very sweet act of her and we love her to bits even more.

However, on several occasions, L mentioned that daddy loves L and Mama loves Baby A. This breaks my heart and we’ve been and still are trying to change that thought of hers. I wonder how that came about. Sigh.


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