#80 – Enrichment Class for L


Here in Singapore, we are fortunate to have domestic help. What comes with it though, is the problem of our kids adopting domestic helpers native accent and lingo. I am trying very hard to correct it for both L and my domestic helper. I think I can do with a little external help. With a some research, I signed L up for Lorna Whiston. It helps that L truly enjoys the class and adores the teacher, so much so that she asks to attend the class everyday (it’s only a weekly class by the way)! The school is also very confident that the kids will demonstrate visible improvement over the course of the year. The teacher/parent communication is also very regular and constructive. Overall, I’m very pleased with what I signed up for and I too, look forward to their class every week.

On the other hand, I went for trial class with Berries for L’s Chinese enrichment and I found that it didn’t live up to its reputation. When I got there, the place was cramp and super noisy, not to mention the chaos caused by admin staff, teachers, kids and parents and it was definitely giving me headache. Nevertheless, I dropped L off for the trial class and I waited outside for her. Although it was only a 1.5 hour class, I couldn’t wait outside for long since the place was not conducive to sit around as it was open-air, hot, stuffy and not cafes at all. There were only benches in the hot sun scattered around.

I decided to drive to my mum’s place (to kill time there) since it’s only 5min away. I picked L up after the class and the local teacher (rather elderly too) gave her feedback on L and updated me on what they did in class. L enjoyed the class as always cos it involved song and dance too. When I checked with other parents what another Chinese centre Chengzhu offered, I found from the materials that the Chinese standard taught at Berries was much lower. With that in mind, I enrolled L in CZ instead. To L, CZ is a familiar environment as her first year of Chinese exposure was spent there. She simply loves her teachers there and I can tell that the feeling is mutual. 🙂

So now, besides English and Chinese enrichment, she does swim class as well as Shichida. She has been attending the latter for a year now and I can’t attribute her development solely to it even though I have been diligent in terms of doing the home practice with her. When I asked the centre on how to chart her progress and asses/analyze the learning outcome, they did not reply to my email despite it being 4 weeks since I sent it. I’m not impressed with this at all. If they are confident of their product and service, it shouldn’t take so long. I’m seriously contemplating withdrawing her after this term.

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