#83 – Not again???

First, L’s nursery teachers asked me to stay back when I went to pick her up from school. They had the worried look on their faces and my heart sank when they told me that she had hurt herself in class. She was standing behind her friend who was seated and when her friend stood up, her head hit L’s chin which then cut her lower lip. She bled and of course cried. I felt a little better when I saw that the cut was not too bad. The friend’s mum came over to apologize to me later which I thought was a nice gesture cos this was purely an accident. Oh well, at least L learnt from this episode that she should not stand so closely behind someone.

Then two days later, at her English enrichment class, L’s teacher asked me to stay back again. That was when I saw her red and sore lower lip. She hurt the same spot again! This time, she was trying to reach the Lego box of toys which fell on her mouth. Ouch! I think she was in a state of shock cos the teacher said that she did not cry but merely teary-eyed. She was fine after the teacher dabbed the blood away. My poor L…

Three days later, L slipped while getting onto her car seat and hurt the same spot. OMG! This time she cried big time and my heart wrenched as I saw her lower lip reddening. I distracted her with her favourite videos and she was quickly pacified. I know that these are insignificant incidents compared to the more serious injuries that some other kids sustained but it’s enough to break the mummy’s heart, really.


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