#84 – Renovation Anxiety  


As per previous time, I need to do some minor renovations to the house to accommodate the new born. Since I’m a pretty superstitious Chinese; I try to avoid doing any work to my house whilst I’m pregnant. S and I discussed several times about this and we agreed to wait till I’ve delivered the baby and then we will commence the renovation work during the hospital stay. The discussions are usually heated up cos he’s not superstitious at all and wants everything done before the baby arrives, especially so when the mold is our master bathroom seems to be getting worse.

So one night, he started talking about it again and he wants to move the renovation forward. I’m now in Week 36 and I really have no energy left to argue and debate with him. So I went with this suggestion to check with the contractors on their availability. Thank goodness they are not available next week, so that’s the end of the story. 🙂

Each time we disagree, I get very agitated and anxious. I really don’t wish to argue with him as the negative energy affects me and the unborn baby a great deal. Even if I remain quiet, I can still feel the angst building up in me. It’s definitely not healthy but what to do, I find that I can’t really communicate with him anymore. Sad but true, maybe we need to go for some counseling session before the situation gets worse. 😦

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