#85 – Unbelievable!

Ever since I became a stay-home mum, I started selling some of my belongings on Carousell to make room for other stuff and as a cash converter exercise. This time, I put up a waffle maker for sale on Carousell and there were many interested buyers mainly cos I priced it very low. I got it as a gift recently and I really don’t use it much so I thought I might as well let someone else have it.

I sold it to this lady but that’s only after answering many questions from her. I should have sensed trouble cos not only are her questions redundant (answers can be found in my product description) but they are also repeated as a result of her not reading my product description or my replies properly. Nonetheless, we arranged for meet up at the MRT station anyway.

I told her not to be late and bring exact change since I’ll be driving past the station (no waiting there) and it’ll just be a handover of item and cash. To facilitate the meeting, I told her what car I was driving – car model, car plate number, colour etc. But when I drove past, she was nowhere to be seen. Thank god I was prepared and brought my helper along. I briefed my helper before-hand and got her to meet up with buyer while I drove off.

My helper later told me that the meeting was unpleasant cos the buyer didn’t want the items on sighting it, citing reason that there was no warranty card and no box. I did not state in the product description that I have these items to begin with! Then she said that she doesn’t know how to use it as there’s no instruction manual. Mind you… there was merely an on-off switch there and timer. How difficult can it be??? It’s good that my helper was assertive and convinced her to take the item.

Then the next day, I received a call from her to tell me in her very poor command of English that the item was faulty. I asked her what she meant and she said she doesn’t know how to make it work. I explained to her how to use it over the phone and then she hung up. My phone rang again but this time from a different number. She called me back complaining that it short-circuited her house’ electricity and I told her that it’s impossible cos I checked the item before selling it to her. This time, I heard someone in the background telling her what to say to me. I told her to check if there were other electrical appliance in her house that’s not working well. Then she hung up again. There were several text and call exchanges mainly cos she wanted to return the item to me and/or get a refund or exchange. I explained to her that it’s not possible since the item had left my care and I can’t guarantee its condition anymore (a point that she can’t seem to comprehend). My phone rang again and again (almost like harassment) but I couldn’t pick them up since I was driving. She threatened to report the case to the police and I told her to go ahead as I’ve really had enough of her.

Immediately that night, I lodged the case with Carousell and blocked her account with me. Strangely, a week later, I received notice from Carousell that they received a complaint from her about me selling her defective item. I retaliated of course and shared with them my account of the incident. After investigation, they reinstated my account; something which I’m not surprised at all since I’ve really good standing in terms of reputation and feedback from previous buyers.

All in all, I urge everyone to trust your instincts and beware of such crazy (and unbelievable) buyers!

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