#86 – Hot Button

Somehow, I don’t understand how I always manage to press my husband’s hot button. A couple of nights ago, he asked me to read this rather thick book on training kids’ mind. My response was simple, “Sure, I can read it when I’m breast-feeding Baby A since I’ll be awake feeding or expressing the milk in the night then.” He got mad at my reply, can you imagine? He asked me why I can’t read it now since he bought the book a year back. Granted, I completely forgot about it since it was out of my sight, lost amidst his shelves of books. But I’m not saying that I will not read it, just that I will read it later since I’m trying to finish reading another book before passing it to my sister-in-law. I told him that I’m in no mood to argue with him, much less spoil our beautiful Sunday on that note. But he went on and on…

Thank goodness he regained his composure after a shower and apologized to me for his actions. He also explained to me why he said what he said. Oh well, the damage is done and it really got me thinking where the problem lies. Do we need to see a marriage counselor on the breakdown of our communication? At the rate it’s going, I’m not sure how long I can withstand the anxiety of this pending outbreak; which is akin to a time bomb, waiting to explode on trigger. Perhaps we really need external help.

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