#89 – Murphy’s Law (again!)

I’m now Week 39 plus (about to deliver Baby A anytime) and last night, I received a call from the confinement lady (CL) whom I booked in first trimester, informing me that she hurt her spine and will not be able to help me. She said that she would look for a replacement for me. I nearly fell off my chair when I heard the news. This is the last thing any about-to-due pregnant women would want to hear!

I shared with my friend and she quickly told me to call Thomson Confinement Services and she also gave me a contact for another CL. But I know that the chance of getting a good one is not high since it’s so last minute. Nonetheless, I called the CL anyway. Thank goodness she had a last minute cancellation and she’s available immediately.

When she heard my story, she said that her charges are high (she may be trying to extort here, I’m not sure). And her first question was whether I am staying with my mother-in-law. Oh well, I guess she must have had some bad experiences with some “backseat drivers” in the past. From the tone of her voice, she came across as a rather demanding lady. But as time is of essence, I booked her for one month anyway. I know that I will have to lower my expectations so as not to stress myself any further. I hope that she will be different from the previous CL and will be able to work well with my helper and mum. I think I’ve had enough to deal with for now. No more Murphy’s Law please…

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