#92 – The Real Deal

At last, I’m fully dilated and now I’ve to concentrate on pushing Baby A out. After a few trial runs of pushing, I asked the nurses if Dr. C is coming into the delivery suite. They replied that she’s in the next room preparing… So I waited patiently. I felt that I was conserving my energy for the real push; although the practice rounds did take my mind off the increasingly unbearable contraction pain.

When Dr. C was finally here, she could see that I was in distress and asked me why. I told her that even with epidural, I found the contractions unbearable. She got down to her work quickly by showing me how to push effectively. She pressed on a point near the perineum and asked me to focus on that point to push down. After a few pushes and I’m not quite sure if I had used all the strength I had, Baby A was delivered. It was really fast and all was over in 4 hours flat.

Dr. C placed the baby across my body with his body bent over. He wasn’t crying and the body looked bluish. I kept asking if he’s alright and the doctor said yes. Then the nurse whisked him away and inserted a suction tool down his throat to clear the meconium that he probably had ingested whilst I was in labour. I chose not to look at it cos it pains my heart. Then I saw the nurse started bathing him and it was really a very comforting sight. I suddenly remembered and asked S to take more photographs and video of him (something that we didn’t do much of during L’s time).

After delivering the placenta which I asked to take a look this time (it looked like a large piece of kidney), we had an hour of skin-to-skin time with Baby A and then it was off to the normal ward. The great thing about delivering at night is that I had the entire night to rest and sleep before the visitors come. But the strange thing is that the side effects of epidural kept me awake all night. I felt tingling in my left foot intermittently and the adrenalin of the laborious night made it tough for me to catch any sleep at all. Each time I closed and opened my eyes, only 5 minutes had passed. This went on for the entire night, accompanied by S’s loud snores on the side. What a torture!

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