#93 – Falling Short of Expectations

I have been looking forward and counting down to eating the confinement food at Mount E especially since my first delivery. I recalled that I had the most delicious confinement Chinese meal there, consisting of steamed threadfin and lotus seed dessert. Maybe cos I had little expectation then, so what was served to me appeared to be extremely sumptuous, way surpassed hospital food standard. I also recalled that the nurses there were very caring and warm during my first stay there. I became their strong advocate and I shared this with many of my friends. I even convinced some of them to deliver at Mount E too cos of the excellent service and food. That fantastic experience really helped us make the decision to deliver there again this time.

However, the food and service fell below our expectations this time. The food was just average, nothing to shout about really. The staff even forgot to serve supper one night. By and large, the nurses left us to ourselves most of the time and came in to check on us just from time to time, doing the bare minimum in our opinion. Could this be because they knew that it was our second delivery and thus assume that we need minimal assistance? Hmmm, thought we paid the same dollars as the rest of the patients?

Also, as we prepared for our discharge, they included an extra night of lodging for my husband which I made an effort to inform them a few times before it was charged. It appeared in the final invoice even after I was discharged and I had to call in to rectify it. Maybe it was cos of our anticipation, the stay this time was really bleh. 😦

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