#94 – Confinement Lady Stand-in

 I booked my confinement lady (CL) way ahead (in my first trimester) as I had seen how Aunty Y helped my girlfriend during her confinement. I was convinced to book her should I ever get pregnant again and so I did. However, during Week 39, she told me that she’s not able to come as she’d hurt her back while getting off a bike. I was caught by surprise but quickly composed myself and confirmed another CL, Aunty M. I thought how lucky I was as Aunty M was supposed to be popular and usually get booked up very fast. She was available at last minute cos someone pulled out. I was simply relieved even though I had already activated my mum as my back up CL.

So Aunty M came and met us at MBS where we stayed for a week while the renovation took place at home. She didn’t have to cook for now and her only job was to look after Baby A. The first time I saw how rough she handled my baby; my heart just tore apart. She wiped A’s face very hard (pressing it with all her might) with the slightly wet cotton pad as she cleans his face. I stopped her immediately and asked her to use less strength; as he’s just a newborn baby. She said that his face would not be clean otherwise. But how dirty can a baby be, really. I didn’t want to say much but continued observing her; as I didn’t have much choice of CL, do I? I really dislike this “being held ransom” feeling when I don’t really have a choice.

And when we got home, she started cooking and I must say the dishes tasted really good. Her sweet and sour pork and herbal chicken were very yummy. She’s also a very fast and clean worker. Whenever her help was needed, she was fast to act. This could possibly be due to her age. She’s only 54, I think.

So she works fast. Therefore, she has plenty of time in her hands. In fact, she has so much time that she rests in the room from 1pm to 5pm everyday. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve no problem with CL resting especially since she wakes up in the middle of the night to take care of Baby A. But I’ve issues when she doesn’t really rest but watches Korean drama hour after hour. I worry that she doesn’t have enough rest and therefore makes grave mistakes when it comes to looking after Baby A.

Then, she forgot about this important Chinese dish called “ji jiu” during the 12th day of Baby A’s arrival. This really got my mum hopping mad. In her words, which CL doesn’t know that this dish is required??? Oh well, it looks like we will not be using her again.

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