#55 – Totally On My Own (retrospective posting)

It’s time for my domestic helper to go on her home leave. My biggest fear was that I have to manage everything on my own, including cooking for L. I’m totally hopeless in the kitchen and because of that, I had a few nightmares prior to it actually happening.

We timed it such that our Phuket trip took up 5 of the 15 days. We had a great time at the Como’s Point Yamu resort as it was very child-friendly. It has complimentary infant menu and a very good selection of children menu. The play room for kids is of top notch quality and there are corners around the resort that are uniquely decorated that evoke a sense of curiosity in children. We had a ball of time as a family, swimming and dipping into the tub everyday. L also started to sleep through the night. It was simply blissful.

When we returned, my tough time started. S returned to work and I looked after L all on my own. After the first couple of days, it didn’t seem so bad. My mum offered to cook lunch and dinner for L and that was very helpful. My mother-in-law also helped to cook porridge over the weekends. I think my worry was indeed unfounded. Thanks to both mothers. 🙂

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