#60 – Europe, here we come! (retrospective posting)

S and I were extremely nervous about the long haul flight as the last thing we want is for L to fuss and disturb other passengers. In preparation for the flight, we bought some new (and surprise) toys for L. She loves the toys and played with them excitedly for a while. After a short nap of 3 hours, she was awake for the rest of the flight and we succumbed to letting her watch iPad videos. Sigh.

She refused to eat the inflight child meals catered even though they were very appetizingly displayed for her. Little did I know that this is the start of our worry…

The next morning at the hotel, I fed L her normal cereal and milk with probiotics and she threw up all food intake shortly after. Subsequent meals all ended up on her clothes or mine. We made several calls back to her pd in Singapore and he assured us that as long as she’s drinking milk or fluid and passing urine regularly, she should be alright. We were prepared to cut short the two-week trip but thank goodness that L recovered after a few days, well, at least she managed to keep her food in. Our friend in Stuttgart prepared some porridge that L gobbled down in no time. She even gave it two thumbs up. 🙂 Other than that, she only survived on milk, biscuits, egg, yogurt. And oh, we also chanced upon unagi rice that L particularly likes. What can I say? She’s an Asian food baby, just like her parents.

Other than this saga, the trip was great as the scenery in Freiburg and Salzburg was simply beautiful. The weather was temperate and cool most of the time. This made the lakes and mountains even more pleasing to the eyes. Something worthy of mention was definitely the service at Hotel Schloss Monchstein at Salzburg. As I was having a severe headache and mild food poisoning, I asked for paracetamol and they immediately went to the bottom of the hill to get it for me. This was a vast difference from the previous hotel staff who asked me to walk a few blocks and look for a shopping centre within in which I had to find the pharmacy. When I told her that I will not be able to make the journey, she simply said, “sorry”. Oh well, it’s the little things that make a difference in service.


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