#100 – Baby A takes my breath away

Baby A has been getting cuter with his changing looks and lovely baby smell. His left double eye lid appeared out of a sudden one day and for a long time, it remained that way until another fine day, his right double eyelid appeared too. Now he looks more and more like me. 🙂

His temperament is vastly different from his sister. L is always cheeky, sociable and a little bit naughty. She is extremely gregarious and enjoys public attention. From time to time, she will have her moods but by and large, she’s a fine, young three-year-old.

Baby A, on the other hand, is much quieter. He enjoys one-on-one attention and his intense gaze can be very captivating. He has his occasional toothless grin/chuckle and I must say that it’s really his reserved smile that melts my heart.

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