#104 – Care Bear

Is it really possible for a 3-year old girl to exhibit caring attributes? I think so cos I witnessed it myself.

I brought L to the playground downstairs as it’s one of her favourite places. There were about 5 kids already in the playground and they were playing barefoot. After running around a few times, I saw her picking up the twigs from the ground. When I asked her why she’s doing that, she explained that she didn’t want the twigs to prick the kids’ feet. I was pleasantly surprised at her thoughtfulness despite such young age. I started picking up the twigs with her.

And then another day, when my mum was bending over the cot, talking to Baby A, L brought her a chair and asked her to sit so that it’s more comfortable for her. She then placed a little giraffe stool next to the cot and stood on it so she can chat to Baby A. Her subtle little acts are so endearing and make everyone love her so much more.


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