#105 – Prima Ballerina

So I’ve finally managed to convince S to let L learn ballet. S was apprehensive and said that he would prefer L to learn music instead. More importantly, he said that ballet might affect L’s bone development. I think what he missed out was the discipline that ballet cultivates, not to mention the grace and poise that ballerinas exude after years of practice.

Nonetheless, I’m one excited mum, signing L up for her first ballet class. We picked Cheng Ballet, after considering the class schedules, whether or not it’s best for L to learn for interest or for advancement and affirmation through graded exams.

After the first trial class, we were adequately pleased and decided to purchase the attire for her. Needless to say, she looks like a perfect cutie pie (with a big tummy) in her little pink ballet uniform. She absolutely loves it and wanted to wear her ballet shoes even at home!

As I sat through her 45-minute class, I can see that she needs a lot practice but given her interest level, I’m sure she will improve in no time. When she has an audience (i.e. visitors) at home, she will “perform” her repertoire for all to see. What a show-off! Lol!

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